Allan Brooking joins ScotRail

Allan Brooking joins ScotRail

20 Feb, 2016

Allan joined ScotRail in November 2015 as their Community Liaison Executive working with Lindley Kirkpatrick.

Allan brings broad experience in community learning and development from positions within local authorities across central Scotland. Following a BA in Community Education at University of Strathclyde in 2007, Allan has utilised his skills, knowledge and theories to engage with community groups to promote empowerment, community development, social inclusion, lifelong learning and capacity building.

These roles have covered different aspects of community engagement and development. A key theme throughout his career has been facilitating community engagement programmes, ensuring all members of the community are represented.

Allan’s primary focus is to promote interactions between community groups and organisations and to facilitate effective engagement, joint planning and developmental decisions.  He has successfully identified community advocates and created sustainable voluntary management committees which have delivered various community led projects.

Allan intends to combine his community engagement skills with the work of the CRPs to develop a positive relationship with the representatives and local communities who have a shared interest and common goal connected to the railway.

He believes that CRPs have a key role in engaging with local communities along the rail corridor and that individuals’ skills and knowledge can be utilised to achieve social and economic transformation.

Allan’s interests include football, cycling, socialising and taking holidays in the sun.

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