What would I bring to the ACoRP board?

  • A great deal of experience of working with a wide group of people and interests. I have been involved in strategic planning as a Board Member for Cheshire Probation and whilst working for the National Trust and Quakers; marketing and communications for a range of voluntary groups; and getting the most from staff and volunteers. I am a great believer in appreciating people and sharing best practice.
  • Enthusiasm for all things which get communities involved positively, as well as with railways and sustainability. As Chair of Friends of Handforth Station, the first friends group in ACoRP, I am used to managing a wide variety of supporters with very disparate views, but a common aim. I enjoy new ways of bringing in more people, whether it be hands on, through social media, or the press.
  • I am used to dealing with financial figures and a wide range of staff issues – an MBA from Manchester Business School has been most useful.
  • I am excited by what ACoRP is doing to help develop local partnerships. I appreciate what ‘Train On Line’ can do to pass on good practice from one spot to another – and we need to be inspired.
  • I want to represent the voices of Friends groups, because they are often the building blocks for community rail strategic plans and successful partnership, I am a good networker – and already work with the other friends groups on the Crewe-Manchester CRP.