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Launch of Community Rail Week 2024

The big day has finally arrived! It’s the start of Community Rail Week 2024, and we’re so excited to be launching our biggest campaign yet.

Throughout this week, over 100 events and activities are taking place the length and breadth of Britain on the theme of ‘More Than a Railway’. Along with hundreds of locally based partnerships and groups, thousands of volunteers and our railway partners, we will be shining a spotlight on innovative and inspiring community rail projects that go beyond the tracks and trains and right into the heart of communities.

Here at Community Rail Network, we are all about bringing people together and building pride and positivity in the railway. Our members lead initiatives on everything from travel confidence, biodiversity and accessibility to sustainable tourism, rail safety and youth engagement. These are projects that bring profound benefits to our communities and people’s lives – they help to promote social inclusion, improve access to opportunities and shape a greener, more equitable transport future.

We find ourselves in the midst of a critical time within the political and transport sphere, and we need your help to shout about the incredible work our community rail movement does to connect communities with their railway. After all, it is communities who bring about change: one positive step at a time.

We hope you’ll hop on board this week (and beyond!), joining us in celebrating the wonderful world of community rail. Any way you can engage with, support and learn from us, our members and our partners will go a long way in empowering and raising the profile of our flourishing grassroots movement.  

Join the conversation online using #CommunityRailWeek, share our messages with your friends and followers and let us know if you’re getting involved this week, or you’d like to explore how you can work with community rail into the future.