Community Rail in the City 2021

Community Rail in the City 2021

24 Nov, 2020
Scenes from 2019’s Community Rail in the City.

We are hopeful that we can coordinate a live, Community Rail in the City event next year, providing members the opportunity to showcase the best of community rail and to encourage sustainable leisure travel.

Having taken advice from some of the Network Rail station managers who we have worked closely with in the past, we have decided to pencil in two potential dates, Wednesday 12 May or Wednesday 30 June. We will review this in February and decide if the event can be delivered safely and if so which date is going to be more feasible, depending on the situation at the time. We will continue to encourage our members to take part and have displays at railway stations but we’ll also encourage you to work with partners to reach new non-rail audiences with displays at tourism attractions. If you are interested in taking part next year or would like further advice please get in touch with Alice

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