Community Rail News – 22 July 2020

Community Rail News – 22 July 2020

22 Jul, 2020

Hi everyone. We hope you’re well. This week we’re focusing on how community rail can use communications to positively promote rail and get more people involved – especially with the shift in messaging in England, which we welcomed alongside sustainable travel partners. Our main Covid-19 guidance has also been updated in line with the latest official advice.
We know there’s lots happening at the moment to keep engaging local communities and build trust and awareness – so do feed in your stories to Nik, so we can keep sharing good practice and ideas.


Communicating community rail

With travel restrictions for leisure travel being lifted in England, the role of community rail in promoting rail, and helping people to feel positive about returning to use their railways for work and leisure activities, will be incredibly important to recovering from Covid-19 and building back better and greener.

Our team has been working hard to ensure you have the support you need to improve links with local media, use social media, and develop your marketing plans. You can now watch back our recent, well-received webinars, access a range of materials and draw on our over-the-phone/email help. We also have various tourism and leisure resources to help you promote your lines and stations as sustainable ways to access leisure destinations.

  • Our harnessing social media webinar is now available to view on our YouTube channel and website.
  • Our webinar on engaging local media is available on our YouTube channel and website.
  • See our easy-to-use guidance sheets on marketing and communications here.
  • See our easy-to-use guidance sheets on tourism, leisure and heritage here.

If you have a communications, marketing or tourism query, or want specialist one to one advice, get in touch with Nik (comms & marketing) or Alice (tourism), who are happy to help.


Use our webinars to have your say

Book now onto our next two webinars, to share ideas and experiences on how community rail can play its part in Covid recovery, and in creating a more sustainable transport future:

  • Community rail and recovery – help us explore the ways community rail can help our communities and railways ‘build back better’. We’ll be joined by Rail Delivery Group, DfT and other partners, with discussions on social inclusion, rebuilding trust in rail and understanding local needs. 2:30 – 4:00pm, 12 Augbook now
  • Decarbonising transport – we’ll be working with DfT colleagues to get your input on the development of their Transport Decarbonisation Plan, exploring the role that localised community engagement can play in promoting sustainable travel habits. 2:00 – 3:30pm, 24 Augbook now

We hope to see you there!

Keep safe and well,
Jools and Richard


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