We have created a digital marketing toolkit to support the campaign, and help you highlight and publicise the great work your group is delivering in your community. Included in the toolkit you will find:

  • Our guide for getting the best out of this toolkit
  • Community Rail Week and Go Green by Train logos
  • A fact sheet on COP26 and sustainable travel
  • Template press release for sending to local media – see note below on timing this
  • Suggested social media posts
  • Infographics

To make a splash at the start of the week, we suggest you go live with email communications, newsletters, posters and web pages about the Week from Mon 18 Oct, and issue social media posts throughout the week. You also might want to ‘trail’ the week beforehand with posts saying you’re getting ready/excited. It’s a good idea to issue to local media contacts the completed local press release the week before Community Rail Week, but please ensure it still includes at the top the embargo date of Mon 18 Oct. Please don’t publish this press release (e.g. on your website) before Mon 18 Oct as this will break the embargo on our survey results. If you need advice, do get in touch.

We hope this toolkit provides you with an abundance of ideas and content for your promotional activities. We’re more than happy to help you get the most out of Community Rail Week, so if you have any questions, or would like further help and guidance on planning your activities, please do get in touch.