During my time working within community rail for Community Rail Lancashire, I have had the immense privilege of working with many groups from within and outside the industry, on a range of projects and programmes from traditional, creative community rail work to those that are innovative and delightfully unusual.

The future of community rail is one I aim to have a meaningful role in; especially by enabling and inspiring the next generation of participants. By focussing on youth, equality, diversity and inclusion, we can ensure the sustainable growth of an industry that provides a wide range of opportunities and benefits to all those who interact with it; who will continue to develop it to become increasingly internationally-recognised and celebrated. Crucially, it is vital to ensure that young people have a current voice in the development of community rail and lead on engaging their peers within it.

This succession and diversification opportunity is particularly relevant in line with the new community rail strategy; providing a frame for coherent, national structures to support members in achieving this in their individual styles, as well as developing new skills internally.

With a wide breadth of experience including within transport, education, community groups, social services and charities, I have extensive management, project management and communication capabilities. These skills are particularly demonstrated through Community Rail Lancashire’s award-winning projects focussed on women and girls in rail, inclusion of LGBT+ communities and those with additional cognitive and mental health needs, which have led to programme development across TOCs, education and community groups