UPDATE: In light of the ongoing industrial action, we have decided to temporarily put on hold our Days Out by Rail campaign. We hope to be able to confirm a new launch date of 22 July over the next 2 weeks. We realise this is disappointing but feel it is the right decision. If you have put any plans in place around the campaign and this delay will cause you any specific problems, please do get in touch with Alice.

Building on the successful online campaign last summer, this year’s campaign is set to launch on Friday 1 July 2022 and run for four weeks. This tourism and leisure campaign will draw on local knowledge and insights from members, delivering inspiring ideas for days out, short breaks and longer stays through our Scenic Rail Britain tourism website.

We are encouraging members to get involved and showcase ideas for greener days out and longer stays throughout July, linking in with any work that’s already being delivered in your partnership or group.

Similar to last year, members and partners can expect to receive a range of digital tools and assets, to enable you to springboard off this nationwide campaign and promote your own leisure and tourism messages. Look out for this coming direct to your inbox soon.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about how to get involved please contact Alice.