Closing date: 15 June 2020, 17:00 hrs

  • Please gather all your supporting evidence and images together with your fuller written description before you start inputting your entry.
  • You must register in order to submit an entry but then you will be able to start an entry and save your progress, so that you can return and finish it later. However, we highly recommend that you try to complete it entirely in one go so that nothing is forgotten. 
  • Please note, you can only work on one entry at a time. You must complete and submit an entry before you can start another
  • Join us for our first online learning session on May 19, on the topic ‘How to Submit a Good Awards Entry’. This bite-size webinar will include case studies of previous winning entries, plenty of practical advice and a live Q&A. It will also be available online for those who aren’t able to participate. We therefore advise members to prepare entries, but hold off submitting the final version until after this webinar – unless of course you feel fully confident in the quality of your entry. More details to follow soon.

Our office is closed due to social distancing restrictions. If you need any advice with your entry during this time please call our awards support team on their mobiles, where they will be happy to help.

Hazel – 07786 190774 | Hannah – 07734 113989 | Nik – 07376 124964

To help you submit a good entry please also refer to our ‘How to write a good entry’ information. Nominations will be rejected if they don’t satisfy the rules of entry as laid out in the awards entry brochure.

N.B:  Supporting material

Upload required documents as per rules of entry by clicking on browse buttons on the entry form below.

Detailed written description of the entry — Microsoft Word format only (Max 600 words)

For categories 1 – 9, please set out in paragraphs clearly labelled, ‘Concept and aims’, ‘What happened’ and ‘Results’

For categories 11, 12 & 13 – see entry booklet (p. 5) for submission information.