We know how much work goes into community rail activities, but we also know that a vast amount of work probably goes unreported and unrecognised. Community rail partnerships and organisations work in many ways to deliver changes that benefit and support their local communities. Community Rail Network has done some work over the last year supporting our members to understand, demonstrate and evidence the outcomes (changes) that their work is achieving.

Community Rail Network has worked with a social enterprise called Impact Reporting to develop a tool to enable all members to track and record their activities and associated indicators of change and support them to demonstrate their outcomes and impact.

The platform is user-friendly and suitable for small groups who want to build a picture of the work they do as well as larger organisations and partnerships running multiple projects and strands of work. The platform can also act as a survey tool to gather information and views from the wider community.

For tips and advice on using Impact have a look at the quick-start user guide and for guidance on how to generate reports and surveys, download our guidance below.

Create activity reports with Impact Generating surveys with Impact – guidance


Benefits of using Impact

  • Capturing activity data and feedback in real-time, whilst out and about
  • Collating evidence for funding bids and communications
  • Reporting outputs to funders and partners
  • Prioritising activities to maximise impact
  • Demonstrating how much you do and the difference you have made


How do we sign up?

Members can request an account on the Impact platform using the email address below and we’ll send a user agreement for you to sign. There is no obligation to use the platform once you have an account so you can have a look and see if it might work for you. We’ve put together some FAQs about how the platform works and how you can get the most out of it, a quick-start user guide and we’ll be offering on-going support.

Scheduled Impact demos will be advertised on the Events Diary

Not received your sign up details? Get in touch at impact@communityrail.org.uk