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Go-Ahead and Arup outline vision for sustainable transport hubs

One of the UK’s biggest public transport operators, Go Ahead and engineering and design company, Arup have recently published a new report on ‘Future Mobility Hubs’, promoting their vision of sustainable travel.

The Future Mobility Hubs report explores how a network of such interchanges could better integrate public transport, micro-mobility, walking and cycling, declaring that an increase in the latter in recent years has highlighted deficiencies in infrastructure. Such improvements will be a key factor in encouraging more bus travel and integration with rail travel. Mobility hubs could unlock opportunities for low-carbon journeys by integrating different forms of transport, including rail.

Services tailored to each location would enhance existing infrastructure such as bus stops, railways stations and park and ride facilities with options ranging from cycle storage, e-bikes and EV charging to improved lighting, amenities, and public realm.

Several sites have already been identified by Go-Ahead operating companies for mobility hubs in submissions to local authorities.