Groups across the country invited to make a beeline for ‘Buzzing Stations’ project

Groups across the country invited to make a beeline for ‘Buzzing Stations’ project

18 Nov, 2020

Community rail groups across the country are being invited to make a beeline to get involved in the ‘Buzzing Stations’ project.

The scheme was established earlier this year, when station groups in the Peak District, including those at Buxton, Glossop, and Hadfield, learnt about a rare and endangered bumblebee native to the High Peak, the Bilberry Bumblebee. With the support of the High Peak & Hope Valley Community Rail Partnership, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT), and Northern, the groups are working to ensure their station gardens are bee-friendly habitats.

The work aligns with the BBCT’s ‘Pollinating the Peak’ project, which use the concepts of Buzzing Communities, Buzzing Schools, Buzzing Tourism, and now Buzzing Stations!

Other station friends’ groups across the Peak District are now involved, and recently, the Friends of Buxton Station (FoBS), with the support of Community Rail Network, contacted other stations ‘beginning with a bee’ to see if they would be interested. However, the project is by no means limited to groups beginning with the letter B, and FoBS are now calling for anyone interested to ‘bee kind’ and join in!

They have come up with a list of simple things that station groups can do to help support their local populations of bumblebees. They include to:

  • Have a look at BBCT’s website for ideas and support their work;
  • Install some pots of flowering plants – go for early and late flowering types;
  • Build a planter unit or make a garden and fill it with native wildflowers;
  • Set aside an area, allow weeds to grow, maybe adding native wildflowers;
  • Sow native wildflower seeds anywhere they might grow – seek sow-partners;
  • Stop spraying any chemicals that might harm insects;
  • Work with others to provide bee corridors – pathway routes full of nectar;
  • Mix up the varieties of flowers you grow – go wild, go native, lots of nectar;
  • Extend the flowering period to prolong the nectar season – go early, go later;
  • Let station users know what you’re doing so they can also play their part.

FoBS said: “Help your local bumblebees get stronger as they emerge from hibernation. Gear up for Spring 2021 now, order your plants, bulbs, and seeds. Go for it!”

If you are inspired to get involved in ‘Buzzing Stations’, you can contact FoBS at

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