Heart of Wessex – end of an era

Heart of Wessex – end of an era

6 Mar, 2019

Heart of Wessex Community Rail Partnership have said a fond farewell to their long standing community rail officer, Catherine Phillips, who has taken retirement.

ACoRP operations manager Paul Webster has this to say about Catherine and her tireless work promoting the line.

“Although I have only known Catherine for a couple of years, her passion for the ‘community’ in Community Rail is very evident, and that over many years as older ACoRP colleagues can attest. Her priority is always about people and making stations welcoming for passengers and this has provided good practice examples for other partnerships. She has built up a tremendous working group of volunteers along the line who all give their time to care for their stations enhance and who have become great friends with each other too. That special touch provided by Catherine and depth of involvement will be missed by the Heart of Wessex CRP.”

N.J Stevens from Freshford has penned a poem (to the tune of Night Mail), in honour of Catherine’s work, which you can read here.

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