Integrated sustainable transport in community rail – grant fund winners 2020/21 announced

Integrated sustainable transport in community rail – grant fund winners 2020/21 announced

9 Nov, 2020

Community Rail Network have announced the recipients’ of this years integrated sustainable transport in community rail grant fund.

As well as being linked to group plans and the Community Rail Strategy all applications had to demonstrate that:

  • The proposed work is important to deliver integrated sustainable transport improvements at, around and linking to stations, and there is reasonable confidence it will lead to constructive steps that improve the connectivity, appeal of and access to sustainable travel;
  • Relevant local partners are engaged, on board, and share commitment to taking forward improvements;
  • A holistic approach to integrated, sustainable, healthy journeys, considering how rail, bus, walking and cycling connect, and giving clear priority to boosting active travel and public transport;
  • Attention to local needs, opportunities and contexts, and a commitment to engaging the community to make locally beneficial and inclusive change.

The applications were reviewed by the Community Rail Network’s Support and Development team and colleagues from CoMoUK and Living Streets.

For more information about the fund please visit our funding page.

Grants awarded

Friends of Wool Station – Cycle route signage – £1059.74

For the design, production, supply and installation of cycle route signage outside the station.

Expected outcomes:

  • Improving Wool Station as a travel hub for journeys by sustainable transport.
  • As well as enabling cyclists to find their way from the station forecourt, the Cycle Route signs will reinforce the message that several destinations are within easy reach either on foot or by bicycle.
  • An increase in usage of the cycle routes radiating from the station which are generally well signposted, but unfortunately none of these signs are visible from the station exit.

Three Rivers CRP – Solent Round Robin integrated public transport ticket – £5625.00

For the promotion of new multi modal tickets radiating from Southampton Central Station.

The CRP intends to introduce a family (4 or 5 people group) multi-modal, integrated public transport day ticket in spring 2021. This ticket aims to encompass rail, bus and ferry services in the area, enabling a day’s round trip from Southampton Central Station via the New Forest and Solent Water, from any station within the Three Rivers CRP area.

By introducing the ticket in spring 2021, the hope is that the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be over and therefore the CRP wish to encourage a return to using trains, buses and ferries and complementary services to reinvigorate the tourism and leisure market around the Solent.

Expected outcomes:

  • The CRP expect to see a good level of passenger update of this ticket and a general increase in tourism by public transport in the area.  They also expect that this product will demonstrate travel demand in the area which will help the business case for the reopening of the Waterside Railway.
  • In general, they hope the ticket will encourage a return of passenger numbers to using rail, bus and ferry services in the area, which have been adversely affected during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Sussex CRP – Onward from Bishopstone – £4400.00

The CRP and friends group want to improve onward travel information from Bishopstone Station into the surrounding areas through the creation of an integrated travel map and signposting of cycling, walking and bus routes.

The station is ideally situated as a sustainable travel gateway to the South Downs National Park, the historic site of Tidemills and old Bishopstone Village, the proposed expansion of the Ouse Valley Nature Reserve, beaches and the attractions of nearby towns of Seaford and Newhaven would also benefit.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased community participation and a benefit to wellbeing with joint map planning and creation with a local designer and members of FoBS.
  • Improved awareness among visitors and locals regarding the opportunities to access cycle and footpaths from the station and to include onward travel with Brighton and Hove Bus Company.
  • Bishopstone Station to become a destination itself and to act as a centre point from which to access local attractions.
  • Increased use of station buildings when combined with the planned restoration of the station waiting room which will include a community hub area from which the friends may advertise onward travel information.

Surrey Hills and South Downs CRP – Cycle back to health from our stations – £5925

The CRP intend to provide basic cycle confidence training for people who are not confident on their bikes or are perhaps returning to cycling after a long break along with providing bike doctor/bike maintenance classes around the CRP stations. They also plan to create a set of easy cycle rides to encourage less confident cyclists to visit the area, as well as carrying out an audit of current cycle facilities and improve signage at each station.

Expected outcomes:

  • The CRP expect to see more people being trained to use bicycles more safely, maintain them appropriately and to use the cycle routes to explore the station towns, services and surrounding countryside. It is also intended that in bringing more cyclists to the station, the CRP will encourage more integrated rail-bike travel as people discover that they can cycle to their local station, and that that the bike-train combination is often a highly time efficient, more sustainable and healthy way to travel.
  • People who have not ridden a bike for a long time will be encouraged to get their bike out of the shed and have a go.  
  • There will be more activity at weekends around station buildings, helping to discourage and reduce anti-social behaviour. 

Bolton and South Lancashire Community Rail Partnership – Bolton to Rivington bus link – £7500

The CRP wants to provide a bus link from Bolton Station to Rivington Country Park (a local landmark popular with a variety of tourists including walkers and families), as there is currently no public transport that serves the area. The CRP plan to do this by extending an existing bus service, initially on Sundays and bank holiday Mondays.

Expected outcomes:

The start of a regular and reliable public transport links to Rivington Country Park, reduced traffic and parked cars in the country park. The CRP hopes this will provide improved access for those without access to a car, resulting in more visitors to Rivington Country Park from outside the area (e.g. visitors coming from Manchester on the train using the bus link).

Lymington Brockenhurst CRP – Dessie the Locomotive, a new station – £2500

The CRP plans to use local talent to produce a short film about Dessie, the Locomotive, and its crew along the Brockenhurst to Lymington Pier line. The film will stream on YouTube. In addition, they will produce a book to engage with 6-9 year olds and their families.
The film is to promote the social value of the railways and integrated sustainable travel and will be bold, diverse and inclusive in doing so.

Expected outcomes:

The CRP expects the film and book will help in promoting and enhancing tourism and leisure travel by train; attract new customers/young families to the railway; expand the CRP’s work with children and young people to educate the passengers of the future; play a role in personalising the rail network and making it relevant to individuals, organisations and communities that it serves; encouraged modal shift from the car to the train and walking; promoting health and wellbeing and create a partnership with local schools, community groups, and businesses to foster a sense of community spirit and promote access to and understanding of the railway across diverse groups.

East Hampshire CRP Rail – Cycle integration – £7500

The CRP is seeking to improve rail cycle integration by providing cycle training for individuals or families; hold a series of bike doctor/bike maintenance classes/courses around stations; introduce guided cycle route rides from stations to complement our recently launched East Hampshire CRP Cycle Guide; undertake an audit of cycle facilities and increase cycle route signage to and from railway stations

Expected outcomes

• Reacquaint people with their local stations
• Create more community activity around rail stations
• Promote what cycle facilities are available at stations
• Introduce them to cycle routes designed to start and finish at railway stations
• Increase tourism in East Hampshire and the South Downs National Park
• Encourage greater usage of trains by people with bicycles
• Support more integrated travel planning of individual or group business and leisure users

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