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Invitation to attend Community Dimension CILT event

The CILT(UK) Travel Demand Management Forum Committee are delighted to be able to share with you an opportunity to attend their next event, ‘The Community Dimension CILT and Community Rail Network Joint Professional Event’.

The event is being held on 29th April in Cheltenham, and will also be open to attendees on Zoom.

The event brings together professionals and placemakers from a wide range of disciplines to look at how we can better connect people living in new communities to each other, and their nearby towns and cities. It focuses on the vital importance of listening to the needs of residents and the wider social and wellbeing issues that arise – as well as creative ways to provide transport solutions that match those needs.

A CILT spokesman said: “As placemakers the one thing that unites us is working together to create sustainable places and communities, where the transport connections and choices enable people to live the lifestyles they need. With the impact of COVID-19 bringing about even more isolation and disconnection, now is the time for us to actively listen and adopt new, more effective ways of engagement.”

This is a free event kindly made possible by Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership (GCRP) and the University of Gloucestershire, using funding from GWR and CrossCountry towards GCRP’s ‘Connecting New Communities’ project. 

The event will be hybrid with the University onsite sessions accessible through Zoom and the event will also be recorded. Spaces are limited to 60 on a first come first served basis, with all bookings made via CILT UK’s events team.

For more information please follow the link here. Please be aware all bookings will need to be made using the booking form here and returned to