Friends of Goostrey Station take passengers on an artistic journey

Friends of Goostrey Station take passengers on an artistic journey

16 Nov, 2020
The display of pictures and poems about Journeys. Photo: Chris Burgess

The current restrictions mean that people are making fewer journeys by train. To make sure that rail users don’t forget the excitement of travelling, Cheshire’s Friends of Goostrey Station have been working with Goostrey Community Primary School to produce a new display at the station, called Journeys. Local children have been involved in helping rail users to remember places they visited before the Covid-19 pandemic, both real and imaginary.

A large model of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, which straddles the River Dee, complete with boats is a stunning site as visitors approach the shelter situated on the Crewe platform. This was created by Year 2 pupils as part of a school exhibition called ‘Water’. Inside the shelter are colourful press print images of trains which were produced by the same children.

In the corner of the shelter there’s a huge model of Big Ben made by a pupil from year 1, when the class was studying megastructures. It stands beside a superhero car complete with comfy cushions that was designed and made by the reception class.

The back wall of the shelter is covered with writing and illustrations about journeys. Year 5 pupils drew pictures inspired by Henry Moore’s drawings of people waiting in the underground stations during the bombing in WWII. Year 4 pupils read a poem about journeys and then wrote about all the places that they would like to visit. Here’s an example :

“I would travel to Denmark to see the LEGO factory. I would fly to Hawaii to see the lovely healthy palm trees. I would love to see cute baby turtles in Hawaii. I would like to go fishing to see the vibrant coloured fish.”

The Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson stimulated year 3 pupils to create their own poems.

Faster than horses, faster than a dog running for a bone
Passing the meadows, passing the shadows
And charging along like Usain Bolt
All through the towns, all through villages
Hills and houses, dips and nature
And all of the time, rain pouring and soaking
In the corner of my eye I almost see
A station flashing right by me

Year 1 pupils complemented these poems with colourful collages of views from a train window, including a flock cute sheep. The children have also been studying wellbeing, creating collages of peaceful places that people could visit if their day was not going the way they wanted it to.

Not to be outdone by the younger members of the community, adults have been busy too. At the moment FOGS members can’t have their monthly working parties but the tubs of flowering plants still need to be tended. And the memorial plaque to Cyril Caulkin, the group’s first chair, has been repositioned on a less exposed wall beneath the Wild About Goostrey Gold Award. In addition, workmen from Network Rail have repaired some fencing.

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