The Mytholmroyd month – May

31 May, 2019

Mytholmroyd Station Partnership’s Sue Mitchell brings us up to date with all the latest happenings from the West Yorkshire station.

Opening the doors

Guests take a closer inspection of the phase one works at Mytholmroyd Station.

Strange looks were cast at the group of chattering people (teeth and tongues) gathered outside the locked doors of the station building early on Friday morning, the third of May 2019!

An auspicious date, remember it. The day that Phase one of remedial works to the Listed Grade II Station Building in Mytholmroyd has been made public for the members and supporters of Mytholmroyd Station Partnership to inspect – and enjoy!

And enjoy was the order of the day; the keeper of the Key, Derek Brace, Network Rail’s estates Manager for England and Wales was introduced to the twenty five visitors by Geoff Mitchell, Chairman; Geoff gave a brief outline of the history of the building and its latest ‘update’ together with a safety brief; the building is without amenities, e.g. no water, electricity, or other such luxurious modern requirements. Torches would be very useful.

The overwhelming and palpable feeling was that of ‘admiration, excitement, and thankfulness’ for all the work carried out so skilfully and with care by the operatives. We older generation tend to think we no longer have  skilled operatives, but seeing the windows, the woodwork and the intricate  plaster work it’s very much alive and kicking here in Mytholmroyd.

Derek’s response to the many positive remarks of praise was to say – ‘we like to use local firms’ as here in Mytholmroyd; CPMS, Cragg Builders, JSB Interiors, all local…what an accolade!

Grateful thanks to Network Rail, Arriva North Rail, Hebden Royd Town Council Calderdale MBC, and ACoRP;   also to those charitable bodies who really made it happen; Railway Heritage Trust, Historic England, Architectural  Heritage, Bearder Trust. Last but not least our sponsors and volunteers from the Mytholmroyd Station Partnership, and Trustees of ‘The Station Building, Mytholmroyd‘  CIO (117 4609).

(We had to ‘sign ‘em in – then sign ‘em out’) Only one key – don’t think we’ve left anybody there!)


Dig in

We are now approaching the ‘busy’ season, garden-wise. Friday’s ‘dig-in’ session concentrated on preparing the new planters on the platforms for the summer flowers; this proved quite a task, as the spring bulbs had been generously distributed throughout the planters, too many, too close together resulting in a bit of a mess. But, all cleared now, ready for anything.

Two mysterious happenings on the Manchester side embankment; we have a new type of bird that has mysteriously appeared. It’s shy, heron-like, unmoving, and a glorious shade of ‘rusted metal’

An anonymous clever person has created this beautiful sculpture from what looks like rusty car components, you really have to look to see it as it peeks from the bushes.

The other puzzle is an over-abundance of what we have decided are ‘teazles’

On the one hand, the gardeners amongst us want to clear them away, but some of us quite like the sculptural effect against the other foliage – so they live (and there are a lot of them) for another day…. Again, none of us can remember planting them … mysteries abound in Mytholmroyd!

The Secretary has been busy on the computer – responded to an email from the Calderdale MBC community officer, Jae Campbell, who sent application forms to all the local volunteer groups in the area. She can’t resist an application form, this time it’s the ‘Duke of York’s Community Initiative  Project for 2020 –now expecting a June visit from the Deputy Lord Lieutenant West Yorkshire, Kate Moreton-Deakin, accompanied by Emma Wilson for a formal assessment of the work we have accomplished in Mytholmroyd!

Never a dull moment – retirement, what retirement!

But what a privilege we all enjoy; friendship together with the satisfaction of doing a worthwhile ‘job.’

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