Mytholmroyd – keeps its head above water.

Mytholmroyd – keeps its head above water.

20 Feb, 2016

How to begin – should I describe the awfulness wreaked on our beautiful area on Boxing Day, 2015, or concentrate on the magnificent effort put into creating order from disorder?  As an optimistic person, I’ll go for the second option.

90% of local businesses have been affected but there are grants available to help residents and businesses get back on their feet.

Volunteers are still thick on the ground and most helpfully – Northern Rail’s Stakeholder and Community Department has issued passes for free travel between Rochdale and Halifax for those affected – this initiative has proved popular and most welcome and now extended until the end of February. Thank you Northern Rail.

Our station is high above the village – so we missed most of the deluge, Apart that is our gardening tools, stored in the grounds of the Church of the Good Shepherd.  Sadly, the church and grounds were devastated – and Fr John Gott, our friend and loyal supporter had to be rescued from the five foot, fast running contaminated water engulfing the premises. He is now re-housed in Halifax as the church and his home are going through repairs and redevelopment.

We are unable to access our equipment as the area is closed to us – but on the assumption that all will be contaminated – we have applied for and been granted an ACoRP’s Small Grant towards the  replacement. We are all delighted, and thank you ACoRP and Northern.

Calder Weaving Company, so helpful last year as we launched our ‘Fanfare for Local Business’ have  been re-located to a business park on the ‘top’s  – with no loss of jobs. Good news indeed!

The local school pupils, unable to return to their premises because of flood damage, have been farmed out to a variety of venues – all involving more travel – but the youngsters seem unaffected by it all. Quite exciting they say. The staff and all the helpers and volunteers are to be commended for their excellent work. Thank you everyone.

Mytholmroyd definitely has its head above water.

Sue Mitchell

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