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4 Dec, 2018

Railway for Everyone is a Network Rail led, industry endorsed strategic network study considering the barriers to an inclusive and accessible railway. Being delivered by Network Rail’s System Operator team who own the Long Term Planning Process (LTPP) on behalf of industry, the study is working with industry partners, those with lived experiences of difficulties using the network and wider interested parties to identify and categorise these barriers, produce recommendations to reduce and remove them and prioritise the outputs to produce tangible and meaningful options for funders to consider to improve the ability of the network to get as many people from as many parts of society to where they need to be.

The study is now in a key stage. The work streams have been designed to be wide reaching and cover each part of a journey from decision to travel, to arriving at the end destination. Network Rail will be working hard with industry partners from now until early Spring to analyse each of these topic areas, understand what’s already going on to inform our findings and with plenty of facts and figures to back up their findings, produce some recommendations for industry to consider. A report will be released  in draft for consultation at the end of Spring with a final version coming out in the Summer of 2019.



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