Painting a welcome to Blaydon Station

Painting a welcome to Blaydon Station

28 Jul, 2020
Artist, Sarah Jarman applying the finishing touches to the Blaydon Station mural

Visitors to a Tyne and Wear station will be getting a more visual welcome, as work begins on a mural at Blaydon Station.

For sometime, Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership (TVCRP) has been looking at ways of making Blaydon Station look more attractive and improve the bleak environment. With this in mind, the Blaydon station ambassador and colleagues designed their own murals and approached train operator, Northern for funding.  With successful bid confirmed, local artist Sarah Jarman, who has had commissions from Beamish Open Air Museum, was commissioned to produce two murals, one for each platform. Work on the mural began 20 July 2020.

The original work was held up due to the Covid-19 restrictions on volunteers accessing the platforms. With last these restrictions were eased and work is now in progress.  The aim is to have a welcome sign on the west bound platform and a route map on the eastbound platform.  Once completed this will add to the colour of the station and complement the planters and floral displays produced by the Blaydon Station Adoption Group, Joseph Codling, and his team.

The murals, once completed, will be sprayed with a protective coating to protect them from damage.  As the work progresses and the photographs appear on social media, so the initial comments have been very supportive.

“We fancy catching the train to Blaydon to see what it’s like when it’s done?”.

“This is simply brilliant – love it!”.

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