The Prince’s Trust & ACoRP, working together to engage young people in community rail

1 Apr, 2019

The Prince’s Trust is the UK’s leading youth charity, helping to change young lives. Our vision is that every young person should have the chance to succeed and our mission is to ‘Help young people transform their lives by developing the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn’. Our programmes offer personal development opportunities that bring lasting benefits to our young clients and their communities.

ACoRP and The Prince’s Trust are embarking on a new partnership to help community rail partnerships and groups engage more with young people, and collaborate with local Prince’s Trust programmes. We believe that community rail has a great deal to offer, in enabling young people to access opportunities they might otherwise think out of reach, through sustainable, safe, inclusive transport, and through promoting skills and career pathways related to rail.


About the Prince’s Trust

  • The Prince’s Trust supports young people to gain confidence and skills;
  • Many of those young people face significant challenges, such as being in or leaving care (6%), having been in trouble with the law (16%), having a disability (34%), or dealing with issues such as homelessness (8%) or mental health problems (23%);
  • We have over 40 years’ experience of engaging with vulnerable young people. Over 66,000 young people were engaged in our programmes last year, with 77% progressing into education, employment or training;
  • A key area of The Trust’s work involves partnering with local organisations to help more young people get in to work. These partnerships are crucial, and we are keen to work with community rail partnerships and groups to promote sustainable transport and career pathways in rail.


Live, Learn & Earn

The Prince’s Trust provides a range of programmes which deliver the entire spectrum of skills and tools young people need to access the labour market. From soft skills and one-to-one support for those furthest away from being ‘work ready’, to sector specific training and qualifications to allow those that are ready and looking for work to successfully achieve their ambitions. These programmes are a vital way in which we can aid access to opportunity and help young people in to local jobs.

We are keen to work with our partners to deliver mutual benefit. Possible projects with community rail include:

  • Rail confidence and travel skills programmes for young people starting/looking for work;
  • Promoting sustainable and active travel with young people;
  • Community projects to renovate stations and develop social enterprises;
  • Community gardening and biodiversity projects;
  • Arts and heritage projects to engage young people in local ‘place-making’;
  • Promoting community rail volunteering and work experience among young people;
  • Promoting careers, opportunities and work experience schemes in the rail industry;
  • Developing transferable employability skills;
  • Diversity and social inclusion campaigns;
  • Consultations, focus groups and panels to help young people have a voice in rail,


Working together

Statistics from The Prince’s Trust and HSBC UK Futures at Stake report for 2018

Research by The Prince’s Trust shows that we need to empower young people and connect them to their communities, and a huge part of that is enabling access to local jobs and training. Our research also shows how much young people care about where they live and are willing to give back to the community, such as through volunteering.

We are working with ACoRP because we think there is a huge opportunity for young people and their communities to benefit from being involved with community rail – so we are encouraging more community rail partnerships and station groups to work with us and young people.


Get in touch

Community rail officers and volunteers can contact their ACoRP operations team contact (Paul, Ian, Daniel or Brian). They can provide ideas and advice on building youth involvement into your projects and plans, and link you with a local Prince’s Trust rep.

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