We’ve changed our social media handles

We’ve changed our social media handles

17 Feb, 2020

Following our announcement earlier this month that ACoRP will be changing its name in April to the Community Rail Network, we are already putting in place elements of the new name in our social media handles. As of 10am Monday 17 February, our social media handles across all platforms have changed to…

Twitter: @CommunityRail (from @ACoRPOffice)

Facebook: @CommunityRail (from @ACoRP.UK)

LinkedIn: /communityrail

Our instagram account, @community_rail will remain the same. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything to keep following and receiving social media update for us. Just keep an eye out for the community rail handle. If you’re wishing to include us in a tweet or Facebook post, use the new handle and we’ll see and share your content! Don’t forget to use the #CommunityRail hashtag in your tweets.

If you are experiencing any issues with the new handles, get in touch with our comms & marketing manager Nik, who will assist you in solving any problems.

As of Monday 6 April we will also be changing our email addresses. All emails should be addressed to <staffname>@communityrail.org.uk. Please update your address books and CRM systems accordingly. Please note that the <staffname>@acorp.uk.com emails will be redirected to the new email address for a limited time.

We’ll be updating you on further developments on our rebrand in further issues of community rail news.


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