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Sustainability policy is the way forward for Southeast Communities Rail Partnership

In 2020, Southeast Communities Rail Partnership created its own Environmental & Sustainability Policy, to look at and introduce sustainability into the work and activities for the CRP and volunteers. One of their commitments was to review their progress annually.

The policy, updated on an annual basis, has been recently reviewed, focusing on how working practices are managed within SCRP. Like many organisations, responding to the health emergency has changed many of SCRP’s previous ways of working, allowing them to reduce their need for printing, for example.  The partnership has also made progress in reducing their use of single use plastics and have set up re-cycling systems for equipment and general waste. 

SCRP’s central mission is to encourage the use of public transport and active travel. Train travel is used comprehensively by staff and directors, as is to be expected. Additionally, team members took part in ESCC Active Travel Challenge and added more walking and cycling into their daily routines.

In the partnership’s work with volunteers on projects, it have tried to source recycled and sustainable material wherever possible. The provision of water butts at stations has made an impact on sustainable planting and has improved conditions for SCRP’s many excellent gardening volunteers.  The partnership will continue to roll this improvement out along its nine lines. As food outlets re-open, SCRP hope to carry on with their successful pilot scheme of promoting sustainable packaging and the use of Fair-Trade Products.  The partnership is grateful for the support from the environment teams from their rail colleagues and key stakeholders . Work together can push towards positive changes that make a difference to all rail users and the local community. The partnership is still learning and look forward to reporting on further progress. 

To read SCRP’s updated policy and full progress report, visit their policy page.