Thales Ground Transportation offers support for community rail projects

Community Rail Network’s latest corporate partner, Thales Ground Transportation, is looking for opportunities to support on the ground community rail projects.

The support offered varies depending on a member’s need and the types of activities they are running. Thales Ground Transportation is particularly interested to work with members in and around the Midlands (particularly Birmingham/Coventry/Stoke-on-Trent areas) and the North (particularly Manchester/Greater Manchester/Leeds) but would be interested in talking to members outside of these areas as well.

Sarah Tack, HSE Director at Thales Ground Transportation, says: “As an organisation we provide design, installation, testing, commissioning and through life support of ground transportation signalling and communications systems throughout the UK. It would be fair to say that we have a high level of enthusiastic and committed engineering capability that would like to get involved.

“We are keen to support any kind of STEM; outreach and mentoring needs either face to face or of course remotely if that’s preferred. Our recent activities in this area have included work at the London Transport Museum with Key Stage 3 students which got some great feedback around the interactive projects that we supported.”

“Additionally, we can offer volunteering time in the forms of sustainability projects such as community gardens including support such as risk assessment advice. However, we recognise our enthusiasm needs to be channelled where it’s really needed out in the community.”

If you are keen to explore this opportunity further, please contact Sarah Tack (Thales Ground Transportation) directly on 07581 130 756 or

Additionally, you can speak to your usual Community Rail Network contact for further guidance and support.