The Mytholmroyd month – April

29 Apr, 2019

Mytholmroyd Station Partnerships Sue Mitchell brings us up to date with all the latest happenings from the West Yorkshire station.


Phase one of restoration complete

March 29… trumpets sound! Phase one of the restoration and making good the near derelict station building has been completed with many thanks to Network Rail and their former restoration surveyor, Chris Dawson. Additionally, with the generous support of Historic England and the Railway Heritage Trust, the renovated building was handed to Network Rail’s portfolio manager (retained estate), Derek Brace. This was followed on 2 April by representatives from the local community being shown around the building with Andy Savage, director of the  Railway Heritage Trust and John-Paul Walker of Historic England. Our buildings trustee, Sheena Campbell and ex-conservation officer for Calderdale was impressed by the quality of the works carried out by CPMS (Capita) and admired the attention to the detail of the restoration of the contemporary artefacts.

There has been much interest from local residents and those living away. We were approached by a London-based TV company who were interested in featuring the ongoing restoration in a programme planned for the next 12/24 months.

Obviously as volunteers, we are not au fait with the future plans for the building; we referred the researcher on to the PR officer of Arriva Northern Rail.

But, it is still a great source of pleasure to see the station building looking so handsome and welcoming – over ten years since the Network Rail community manager, Jerry Swift suggested we apply to use the building for the community.


Take a closer look

As Trustees of the charity ‘The Station Building, Mytholmroyd’ we have been inundated with requests by fellow trustees, members of MSP and other interested parties to have a ‘look round’ the building. Finally we have a date , 3 May 2019. Although the building is safe, it will be by ‘invitation only’ as it is still hazardous in places; there is no electricity in the building, no handrails on one set of rather steep stairs, obviously unlit. As long as people are careful, with sensible shoes, maybe a torch for the dark spots – all will be well.


Park green

On 15 April, members met with Sara Brook, project manager, and Jonathon Huxall, project officer at West Yorkshire Combined Authority regarding the ‘greening’ of the proposed new 200 space car park, work due to commence in the summer. It was a lively meeting, and extremely helpful, as Sara explained  that really she was looking for ideas that she could say yea/or nay to; the ideas came forth , starting with Geoff who had spotted a pile of old sleepers on the site; we could do a lot with those.

Sara doesn’t hang about; next day she emailed us saying she had requested both Network and Northern Rails for permission to use them and for them to remain ‘stored on site’. Our oft requested water source on site, not so positive – nothing doing!  Brenda and Ian had a list of suitable plants; shrubs, perennials, and plants that are useful for clearing air pollution, – plenty of that with a 200 space car park, and a railway running diesel trains within a residential area! Green walls suggested by George and Sue, to help soften any ugly fencing, and to help counteract air pollution.

Sara confirmed the start date as the summer 2019, with a grant earmarked for capital expenditure on landscaping the car park – and used in Mytholmroyd.

A strange relic, looking a bit like a textile spindle is in fact part of a hoist for the old goods yard. We thought immediately ‘The Iron Man’ but on consideration is perhaps beyond our capabilities. A seed has been sewn though (Ted Hughes, Poet Laureate was born in Mytholmroyd).

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