The Mytholmroyd month – February

The Mytholmroyd month – February

10 Mar, 2020

Mytholmroyd Station Partnership’s Sue Mitchell brings us up to date with all the latest happenings from the West Yorkshire station.

Station building update

2020 is proving to be an exciting, daunting and interesting year – but hopefully the station building admin work  will soon become more run-of-the-mill, and something more in my comfort zone. Preferably no water involved! (Mytholmroyd has been, once again, overwhelmed by water pouring from the skies above, the rivers on the level and worst of all, from the drains beneath!) But the community has coped – with a lot of help from our friends; local volunteers, Calderdale Council and emergency services have been amazing and many, many volunteers from across the country and county who have flocked to the aid of those in need of food, shelter and clothing!

But, exciting progress for the station building; we have been successful in securing funding for the first stage of restoration of this extraordinary station building.

Our bid from Northern’s Seedcorn Fund for £20,000 was successful, grateful thanks from all the Trustees; the collective thoughts were to seek support from the local council and charity; to demonstrate that what we aspired to was approved of and supported by Hebden Royd Town Council and Community Foundation for Calderdale; we received £2,500 from each. We now have invaluable financial support for hiring the skills of an interior Architect, sympathetic to heritage matters, who will oversee the whole programme of refurbishment to be funded by Northern as stated in the Franchise Agreement of 2016.

There have been five responses from local/regional architects; four of whom put in a written bid. At the end of the month there is to be an interview day for all four contenders- may the best man/woman win!

January went in a blur of showing around 150 interested people around the building as is; so much amazement and enthusiasm for the building; the layout is not dissimilar to a maze – a Tardis, even, as internally it is much bigger than anticipated from the outside. Rooms within rooms! Fascinating! We need to protect this uniqueness, in the rush to get modernisation this aspect can get overlooked, destroyed when finding space for toilets, etc.

We can now announce the Architect to start the process of resurrection forward; following two part days of interviews of three highly experienced and professional architects, through a well-known method of selection by ratios e.g. three areas of expertise were rated on Past Work, Methodology and Fee per 40%/35%/25% – and by a whisker Jacquie Milham of Architectonic Design Ltd came top of the team.

She is local, extremely keen and knowledgeable of locality, council officers and the like. She has a wide range of previous work to show, and will work with us throughout the process, using local builders etc.

She is also working on the Hebden Bridge Signal Box project, and has met Andy Savage of the Railway Heritage Trust.

So thank you, everyone for helping bring this important stage of bring the building to life a little closer. 

Congratulations Jacquie, and commiserations to the other two worthy gentlemen. It was a close run thing!

Station Partnership News

The station Partnership members have enjoyed a quiet month re the gardening skills; but really it’s the weather that decided that. Isn’t it annoying, all this rain now – come June when we plant out our summer flowers, it’s guaranteed there’ll be no rainfall for days and we will have to cart bucketsful up the long steep slope to the platforms to water them.

Our monthly meeting went well especially as we welcomed a new member to the fold. And he is a young man! We all behaved.

‘The Fanfare for Local Business’ will this year be a repeat of the Walkley Clogs visit for the youngsters from Burnley Road Academy, at least we hope so.

Sadly, once again the school was overwhelmed by the contaminated flood water, and will be closed for some time we think.

It could be time for a re-think. Latest news; Burnley Road Academy, their staff, helpers and volunteers have worked their socks off to get the school back ready  in time to open at the beginning of the Spring term the 24th of February; albeit in a totally different venue – up the road in an empty industrial building. How have they done it? Pure guts, determination and thoughts of their children who otherwise would have been farmed out to about six different schools in the area , and could be miles away for some.

 But they did it. Well done, what an achievement!

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