Transport Focus Covid-19 return to rail travel – latest research summary (1 Feb 2021)

Passenger transport watchdog, Transport Focus has continued surveying 2,000 people over the eight months, to gauge attitudes on public transport use during the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest results are available here. We have been regularly summarising the figures for Community Rail News over the past few months.

  • Public transport has been consistent with since immediately after Christmas; 11% have used public transport – 3% have using the train
  • Among those making journeys there has been a marked decrease in the proportion of those making journeys to visit friends in the last two weeks. 12% have made journeys of this type compared with 19% in the two weeks previously
  • Among those who have not used a train or a bus in the last two weeks there has been a small increase in the proportion who say that they would feel safe doing so if they had to.