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Call for participation in public rail consultation for Manchester

Transport for the North is working with with the Department of Transport and Network Rail on a major new rail consultation aimed at improving ​the reliability of rail services in and around Manchester.

The Manchester Recovery Task Force Public Consultation was formally launched today, Thursday 14th January 2021 and will run until Wednesday 10th March 2021.

Transport for the North would like to share access to this consultation with Community Rail Network members and supporters, and for them to encourage all relevant interest​ed parties to access the document here and share their views, giving particular attention to those who may usually use trains but are away from them during lockdown.

The initiative follows work by a special taskforce established to identify service solutions that improve rail performance for passengers across the North by reducing rail congestion.

TfN is clear that the service changes under consideration ​are short term measures ​pending the delivery of more permanent infrastructure solutions. What is essential is that passengers are put first and that they can step back onto rail services with confidence when they return to their offices knowing those services will have good levels of reliability.

The initial consultation will run for eight weeks before a second phase when rail operators will consult on the details before the submission of final timetable plans in summer 2021.