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About Community Rail Network

Community Rail Network supports community-based groups and partnerships that connect their community with their railway, delivering social, environmental, and economic benefit.

Community Rail Network support and advises the community rail movement through membership services and events. We represent and advocate for community rail, sharing good practice and connecting community rail partnerships and groups together. We also work with government, the rail and transport industry, and wider voluntary and community sector to champion community rail.

Community Rail Network’s vision is:

A flourishing community rail movement connecting people and their railways, contributing to inclusive, empowered, sustainable and healthy communities.

Read our latest Impact Report to find out more.

Community Rail Network’s mission is:

To empower, support and champion the community rail movement, helping community rail partnerships and groups to:

  • Enhance the railways’ contribution to social inclusion, sustainable development and health and wellbeing, including by maximising access to and use of the railways.
  • Ensure the community has a voice and plays a part in the development and improvement of our railways, so this meets community needs and aspirations and delivers maximum social value.
  • Communicate the development and importance of railways to local communities, enhancing understanding and pride, and promoting rail as a key part of sustainable, healthy travel.