Station friends/small group membership

How we support local groups

Station adopters and small groups membership (£25 +VAT per year)

Station friends and adopters, together with local community rail groups, all make a vital contribution to their communities and help to make stations welcoming, safe and interesting.

Community Rail Network supports these groups to be effective and sustainable – this includes expert advice and information, sources of funding, and more in-depth support for groups taking on projects such as developing station property for community use.

Members will receive:

  • Our expert advice (provided within reason, usually by phone and email, but may include a visit if you are undertaking a major project) on issues and work you are delivering, to help you to be effective. This includes signposting information and putting you in touch with other members who have experienced similar issues. Where relevant, it may also include direct advice from our in-house experts on community rail planning and delivery, communications and marketing, tourism promotion, station buildings development, community engagement and social inclusion;
  • Free places at Community Rail Network events sharing advice and good practice. This includes one place per membership at our annual Community Rail Conference run with the Department for Transport, as well as workshops and webinars on key topics. Additional places may be available at cost price by prior arrangement. Free places are not available at our Awards, but there is a low-cost sliding scale tariff;
  • Access to (and the invitation to contribute to) our monthly bulletin and a range of resources, reports, tools and templates, including a hardcopy of our station adoption handbook, and advice and signposting from our expert team to help you put this information into practice;
  • Access to relevant grant schemes managed by Community Rail Network and support accessing other funding opportunities. Community Rail Network members in England can access the Department for Transport’s small grants scheme (up to £1,000 for station friends groups or £2,500 for CRPs and community station groups);
  • Access to the Impact activity reporting tool, which allows groups to track and record their activities and assess their outcomes and impact;
  • A say in Community Rail Network’s work, through our members’ survey or giving us your views at other times, including directly to our board members with responsibility for station groups;
  • Suggested suppliers to help you find services that suit your needs and budget.

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