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Influencing Positive Change and Sustainability 

This category recognises community rail’s important role in innovating and driving change locally, to help create a more sustainable and inclusive future. We’re especially keen to see great partnership working where community rail partnerships and groups have encouraged more future-focused, climate-aware and inclusive thinking and approaches, even if the results have not yet fully materialised. This is about supporting sustainable forms of development (as per the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals), adopting greater care for local and global environments, more resilient and cohesive communities, and leaving a legacy for future generations.

Entries invited from:

We invite entries from community rail partnerships, station adoption or friends’ groups, or other community groups and representatives. Rail industry or other partners can support and encourage these groups to submit entries where they have worked together.   

Judging criteria: 

  • Community influence – we can see how the community rail partnership, station group and/or community members worked with the rail industry, local authorities, or others to support positive change and sustainable development;
  • Great partnership working – there is evidence of engaging successfully with relevant partners and working inclusively to build momentum towards future-focused change;
  • Evidence basis – there is an evidence basis for this initiative and expected (or achieved) outcomes to do with sustainable development, inclusion, biodiversity, decarbonisation, modal shift or integration;
  • Innovation and/or lessons learnt – an innovative or collaborative approach was used to overcome challenges or consider future needs, and/or the lessons are recognised and being shared.