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Small Projects Award (£500 or less)

This category can only be entered by station adoption or friends’ groups, community groups or community rail partnerships. It allows smaller, low-cost projects to be judged on merit, rather than competing against larger projects. Any project that cost £500 or less (excluding volunteer hours), can be submitted. 

We are looking for projects that delivered great value for money and benefitted the community in a way that is connected to the railway. Awareness-raising, digital and communications projects will be considered alongside practical/physical projects.

Entries invited from:

Entries can only be submitted directly by the station adopters, community group or community rail partnership (or a representative of them) running or involved with the project.

Essential requirements:

You must include a simple budget overview with your entry to clearly demonstrate costs, otherwise it will be disqualified.

Judging criteria: 

  • Excellent value for money – this might be demonstrated through careful management, creativity, pooling resources, and/or drawing on support from partners or volunteers; 
  • Clear value and connection to the railway – we can see evidence that a station or line has been enhanced, passengers benefitted, or positive connections and interest built among the wider community; 
  • Project sustainability or replicability – entrants are clear about lessons learnt and what worked well and intend to build on this and/or share with others (or have already).