Beware, more ‘Sheep on the Line’ along the Bentham Line!

Passengers travelling on the Bentham Line may notice an expanding range of sheep-based rail safety artwork as two more stations add to the message to ‘stay off the track’!

The Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership (LMCRP) has created a trail of ‘Sheep on the Line’ posters along the route, starting at Cononley in the east and finishing at Carnforth in the west.

They recently welcomed pupils, parents, and staff from Hellifield Community Primary School and Giggleswick Primary School at their respective local stations to unveil their artwork, which was created by the pupils during one of the partnership’s rail education events at Carnforth Heritage Centre.

The pupils proudly unveiled the weather-resistant panels, created by photographing their original artworks, which have been mounted on the platform fencing displaying the message ‘Suzy Says Stay Off The Track’. Both schools received a framed certificate to mark their involvement in the project, along with their original artwork framed by the artist,  Alastair Nicholson, who assisted them throughout.

Gerald Townson, chair of LMCRP, warmly thanked the pupils and staff for their participation in the ‘Sheep on the Line’ project, complimented Brian Haworth, partnership officer, for his organisation of the group activities, and thanked Alastair Nicholson for his continued and generous support of the partnership’s educational activities.

He said: “The partnership would be delighted to hear from any school in other parishes along the line between Leeds and Heysham Port who would like to participate in any of the educational activities we offer, all of which support and enhance the current curriculum across all subjects.”

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