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Campaign for Better Transport calls for big changes to rail ticketing  

Campaign for Better Transport has called for a Best Price Guarantee, a low-cost monthly public transport ticket, and rewards for frequent travellers in the form of Rail Miles in a new report on fares reform.  

The report, A fare future for rail: A blueprint for fares and ticketing reform, was launched at Kings Cross Station yesterday (Oct 31).

It calls for urgent reform, making 16 recommendations it states would help deliver four key aims to create a fairer system with simpler ticketing which makes booking easier and provides better value for passengers. 

Campaign for Better Transport wants to see a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ trademark introduced on all tickets to reassure passengers they are always getting the best value fare for their journey; a government-funded trial of low-cost public transport passes, as has happened in Germany and France; and a Rail Miles frequent traveller scheme which rewards passengers the more they travel by train.

Research behind the report found that 35% of people found fares ‘complicated and confusing’, with 55million different fares available.

The full report can be found on the Campaign for Better Transport website here, accompanied by a report summary and recommendations.