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Corporate partner spotlight: last chance to see how Revolution Very Light Rail can benefit your community rail lines

Community Rail Network members are invited to attend demonstrations of Revolution Very Light Rail (RVLR) to learn more about how the new trains can connect communities and decarbonise the railways.  

RVLR, created by Eversholt Rail and Transport Design International (TDI), is an innovative, lightweight, cost-effective rail vehicle that provides an alternative to operating traditional heavy rail vehicles on branch lines.

RVLR’s low mass reduces all aspects of operating costs and can significantly improve the business cases for line re-openings and extensions, enhancing local connectivity.

Eversholt Rail and TDI are currently working with key stakeholders across the UK rail industry, including community rail, to agree routes and services where operators can run passenger-carrying trials using the new vehicles.

These trials will generate actual passenger demand data to support business cases for long-term deployment of RVLR vehicles, as well as providing further passenger and operator feedback on their design and capabilities.

Community Rail Network members are invited to the purpose-built marketing and development site in Ironbridge to see RVLR in a full line reopening context.

Sarah Chilton, director of communications and policy at Community Rail Network, said: “My colleagues and I had the pleasure of visiting Eversholt Rail and Transport Design International earlier this year to see a demonstration of the Revolution Very Light Rail Vehicles. It was fascinating to learn more about the huge potential these battery-powered trains have for decarbonising our railways, reconnecting communities and encouraging more people from road to rail.

“As corporate partners of Community Rail Network, Eversholt Rail is offering this unique opportunity for our members to learn more about their innovation and sustainability work. I encourage our members to make the most of this demonstration offer, to discover the potential benefits RVLR could have for your communities.”

There are still spaces up for grabs on the RVLR demonstration scheduled for Wednesday 26 June. If your community rail partnership or station group is interested in finding out more about RVLR, attending a demonstration or building a business case for a passenger trial in your area, please contact and/or

Find out more on the RVLR website.