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Engage with Flight Free UK to inspire people to travel without flying

Flight Free UK challenges people to take a year off flying to reduce emissions, shift the norm away from aviation, and make low-carbon travel more accessible for more people.

The organisation’s short-term challenge is a great way to inspire long-term behaviour change, and Flight Free UK show that individual consumer choices can lead to industry and system change. Their positive campaign empowers and inspires people to give flight-free travel a try, for the sake of the climate and for their own benefit as travellers.

With team members spread across the UK, Flight Free UK can attend your event in most locations, giving inspiration for people to travel without flying and answering common misconceptions when it comes to air travel.  

If you would be interested in a member of the Flight Free UK team speaking at your local group meeting or any event related to sustainable travel, email for more information and details on how to book.

Flight Free UK don’t charge for their talks but ask those they support to make a donation.

For more information, visit the Flight Free UK website.