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Engage young people in your localities with creative anti-trespass competition

Attendees will have the opportunity to share ideas and resources for the 2024 Backtrack Competition at the next Community Rail Education Network meeting on Thursday 18 January, 10am-11am. As the creative anti-trespass competition enters its fifth year, the session will focus on how members can engage with and encourage young people in their area to get involved, particularly with a view to encouraging more video entries. 

The Education Network meeting on Thursday 21 December focused on Railway 200 and what education and youth engagement activities can be planned in 2024 to tie in with the 2025 celebrations. The session was also attended by Community Rail Network’s Alice Mannion, who discussed the potential for the Education and Tourism Networks to work collaboratively on projects for young people and families. The resources from this session are now available on the Education Network website.

The Education Network is open to anyone with an interest in railway education. If you would like to join the Network and attend any of the upcoming meetings, or if you have any education or youth engagement matters you would like to discuss, please contact Karen Bennett on

All notes, resources and recordings from previous meetings are available to view on the Education Network website, using generic username ‘Education Network’ and password ‘Z9Y2L79aGjvdYMSE2Khc#80A’.