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Friends of Buxton Station continue leading tributes to Ukrainian community

Friends of Buxton Station (FoBS) has continued working with members of the local Ukrainian community to keep the message of hope alive.

FoBS has worked with the local community and the Buxton Friends of Ukraine to convert a yellow grit bin donated by Northern into a floral tribute to the Ukrainian flag and people. This follows another creative project the groups collaborated on to commemorate the first anniversary of the terrible attack on Kramatorsk Station in April 2022.

Buxton settler Lily explained: “The top part of the grit bin was painted blue so that it looks just like our country’s colourful flag. We have put lots of cheerful plants and flowers in it, many of them yellow and blue. It is a lovely way to remind people that this war continues, to keep our struggle alive.”

Speaking about the project, Dave Carlisle, Chairman of FoBS, said: “Brightly coloured flowers catch the eye and bring cheer; they are alive and growing, becoming more beautiful day by day. This is a lovely tribute and a stunning way to remind people of an ongoing conflict: flowers are a powerful symbol of hope.”

Bernadette, Buxton Friends of Ukraine Coordinator, added: “Liverpool is honouring Ukraine throughout Eurovision this week, so it is great to see this tribute from Buxton.”

You can keep up to date with future news, projects, and events from the Friends of Buxton Station via their Facebook page.

Ukrainian settler, Lily (on the right) accompanied by her friend Ustina, carefully planting flowers in the tribute yellow grit bin at Buxton Station.