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Do you have the answers to Handforth station friends quiz?

Young quizzers searching for answers at Cheshire’s Handforth Station

We reported in March about the Friends of Handforth Station’s Spring Quizzes. The quizzes are still running, and the station friends group have told us that no-one has yet submitted a 100% correct entry form.

Hugh Everett, secretary of the friends group, said “We have just extended the end date for our quizzes, to allow families an opportunity to visit the station during the school holidays and be in with a chance to win. We’ll be accepting entries any time before midnight at the end of Sunday the 18 of April.”

The prize for each quiz is a Northern Trains Weekend Family Rail Pass, worth £250.

The Friends of Handforth Station are also taking part in the Handforth Scarecrow Festival. Sunny now stands on the station concourse, joining the ranks of well over 100 scarecrows throughout the village.

Hugh added: “Now that lockdown restrictions are being eased, people can visit the station with a friend to help complete the quizzes. We hope they’ll say hello to Sunny, and admire the spring flowers that are now fully in bloom. To enter the quizzes, simply visit our website, where you can find all details on our main page.”