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Friends of Shenstone Station unveil vibrant new mural

Finished mural

The Friends of Shenstone Station 1884 have unveiled a vibrant new mural at Shenstone Railway Station. The mural, depicting a Kingfisher, was created by street artist Annatomix, and brightens up a corner of the station reserved for bicycle storage.

Annatomix, based in the Black Country, had previously been commissioned to create a piece of artwork depicting a fox at a neighbouring adopted station, Wylde Green.

Jane Arnstein of the Friends of Shenstone Station said: “I liked the idea of a wild-life mural trail along Cross-City North, so set about commissioning Annatomix to do work for us.

Unlike Wylde Green, we are a rural station and have a patch of land belonging to the village called Lammas Land. We have a kingfisher on there, so I thought a design featuring a Kingfisher would represent our village, whilst highlighting a native species and linking with Wylde Green’s mural.

Our Parish Council in Shenstone have been amazingly supportive, and I’m confident that the wildlife trail on Cross-City North will become a reality as more stations get adopted and more community rail projects come to fruition in the future.”

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Mural in progress