Further projects supported by DfT’s ‘Restoring Your Railway’ Fund

The reopening of the Dartmoor Line in 2021

Rail Minister Wendy Morton MP has announced a further £15 million in funding to develop nine ‘Restoring Your Railway’ schemes across England, reinvigorating disused railway lines, services, and stations.

The Restoring Your Railway Fund was announced in January 2020 as part of the levelling up agenda when the government pledged £500 million to deliver on its manifesto commitment and start reopening lines and stations.

The fund is kickstarting and boosting development on projects and has already seen success with the reopening of the Dartmoor Line, an initiative supported by Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership.

The funding will also continue the development of some schemes identified through the Ideas Fund, which is providing early-stage development funding to 38 schemes in total.

Rail Minister Wendy Morton MP said: “This fund is a great example of how we are committed to helping communities across the country level up and reconnect people and businesses to new opportunities.”

The nine schemes receiving funding are:

  • Aldridge station and line upgrade in Walsall
  • The Barrow Hill Line between Sheffield and Chesterfield
  • The Ivanhoe Line between Leicester and Burton on Trent
  • Meir Station between Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire
  • Haxby Station on the York to Scarborough Line
  • Reinstating the Fleetwood Railway Line
  • Ferryhill Station in County Durham
  • The Mid Cornwall Metro, connecting Newquay, Truro, and Falmouth
  • Devizes Station between Pewsey and Westbury in Wiltshire

You can read more about the fund here.