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Cyclists in the right direction thanks to the Integrated Sustainable Transport in Community Rail Fund

New signage at Dorset’s Wool Station is sending cyclists in the right direction for active travel.

Active travellers will be finding directions all the right places at a Dorset station thanks to new signage.

Wool Station’s cycle signage is one of the first projects to be completed from the 2020/21 round of the Community Rail Network Integrated Sustainable Transport in Community Rail Fund.

The Friends of Wool Station had been aware that for many years that there was a gap in the provision of directional cycle signage at their adopted station. The station has four cycle paths that radiate from it, but these routes had not previously been readily known to rail users as the notification of their locations started from beyond the station’s boundaries. Installing cycle-friendly signage will help inform rail users that the station can be reached by bike.

Identifying a need to assist in the promotion of multi-modal, and active travel, the station friends were one of the first to apply for the Integrated Sustainable Transport in Community Rail Fund.

The friends group worked closely with Dorset Council to get the project done during the lockdown ready for when visitors can return to this beautiful part of Dorset.

With the new signage up in place at the station’s exits, rail users in the Wool area can now navigate to and from the station with ease.