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Leeds-Morecambe CRP launches wellbeing campaign with Northern’s ‘Year in Industry’ students

Northern’s ‘Year in Industry’ students have launched a new campaign with the Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership (CRP) to promote the improved wellbeing of rail passengers.

‘Destination Wellbeing’ aims to improve the wellbeing aspect of the rail travel experience through five key themes, each linked to locations along the Bentham Line: Embracing Culture for Leeds; Exploring our Heritage for Saltaire; Getting Active for Clapham; Reconnecting with Friends for Lancaster; and the Great Outdoors for Morecambe.

The students produced itineraries for each of the five locations, highlighting attractions and encouraging the public to use the Bentham Line on their next day out. Each theme is also represented by a poster designed by Alastair Nicholson of Earthworks.

The campaign was officially launched on 3 July in Leeds and will be shared with station adoption groups along the line, as well as on social media.

This year’s ‘Year in Industry’ students are the fifth cohort of university students who take a break from their academic studies between the second and third year to sample working for a large organisation. They come from several academic institutions across the north of England, studying a diverse range of subjects including Geography, Business Studies, Information Technology and other subjects.

Gerald Townson, Chair of the Leeds-Morecambe CRP, said: “It has been a real pleasure to welcome Northern’s latest cohort of ‘Year in Industry’ students from across the country to the Bentham Line and introduce them to the world of community rail.

“The Destination Wellbeing project genuinely reflects their wish to support those whose lives have been changed by the pandemic and encourage them to use the railway to develop a positive outlook on life once again; especially their fellow students who have had challenging and very different experiences of university life in recent times.

“Everyone here at the Bentham Line wishes the students all the best as they return to complete their degrees and begin their chosen careers.”

Clair Weir, Talent Development Manager at Northern, said: “Last September I welcomed Beth, Adam H, Adam L, Ibrahim, Hamish, Ben, David, Archie, Patrick, Sam, and Jasdeep and set them off into the world of professional work on the railway.

“I know I speak on behalf of all their teams in saying that they’ve been a pleasure to have in the business and they have shown maturity and a work ethic beyond their years. I wish them all well in their final year and hope to see some of them return to us on the graduate programme in a year’s time. Well done to you all, you are a credit to yourselves, your families, and your universities!”

Download the Destination Wellbeing booklet and the itinerary for each location here.

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