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New River Line CRP teams up with social prescribing service to boost wellbeing

The New River Line Community Rail Partnership (CRP) has teamed up with Greater Anglia and the Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Social Prescribing Group to provide a day out to help improve people’s wellbeing and mental health.

The Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Social Prescribing Group supports local people by connecting them to services within the community that aim to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

On Tuesday 23 April, the New River Line CRP led a trip from Broxbourne to Hertford Castle for 14 people supported by the Hoddesdon and Broxbourne Social Prescribing Group, many of whom had not experienced independent train travel for several years.

Katie Goldthorpe, New River Line CRP Officer, said: “We were really happy to work with the Social Prescribing Service to facilitate this day out. Most of the people in the group had not travelled by train for many years and only a couple had visited the castle, so it was great to be part of improving social inclusion and wellbeing in our community whilst promoting the ease and value of rail travel for a great day out.”

Alan Neville, customer and community engagement manager at Greater Anglia, said: “We were pleased to support this event which has delivered benefits to improve people’s physical and mental wellbeing. It also highlighted further opportunities for them to take other trips out, which would provide them with additional wellbeing benefits.

“We are very grateful to the New River Line CRP for the great work they are doing to promote social inclusion and sustainable travel – it’s one of the ways in which the railway in East Anglia can deliver social value back to the communities we serve.”

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