North and Midlands set to benefit from new £4.7bn Local Transport Fund

Local leaders are set to receive £4.7 billion to transform transport across the North and Midlands via the Government’s new Local Transport Fund, announced today.

Over seven years from April 2025, local transport authorities (LTAs) in the North will receive £2.5 billion and those in the Midlands will receive £2.2 billion.

The investment – announced as part of Network North – is described by the government as ‘the first transport budget of its kind that’s specifically targeted at smaller cities, towns and rural areas and empowers local people and local leaders to invest in the transport projects that matter most to their communities.’

The funding covers the period 2025 to 2026 until 2031 to 2032 and is designed to be used in line with the three key priorities set out by government, which are to: drive better connectivity within our towns, suburbs and cities; drive better connectivity between our towns and cities; and improve everyday local journeys for people.

The Department for Transport will publish advice for local councils and transport authorities to help them develop plans to improve local transport infrastructure in their areas. Local councils will be expected to publish their delivery plans for which projects they wish to invest in and will be held to account by the government as well as their communities to make sure the money is spent ‘promptly and effectively.’

You can find out more about the Local Transport Fund, and see the funding allocations for individual LTAs, here. The government announcement about the new fund can be read here.

When Network North was announced in October 2023, we produced a summary of the plan for Community Rail Network members, primarily focused on its rail-related aspects. You can read the summary here.