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Poacher Line Community Rail Partnership launches integrated travel scheme, ‘Poacher PLUS’

The Poacher Line Community Rail Partnership (CRP) has launched its new integrated travel reward scheme, Poacher PLUS.

The initiative is designed to save passengers money when they decide to go green by train and bus, encouraging modal shift out of cars and back onto the public transport network.

The CRP had identified a long-standing connectivity issue regarding the first and last mile of journeys to and from stations on the Poacher Line, which runs from Nottingham to Skegness, particularly those located in rural areas.

To combat this barrier to sustainable travel, the CRP has partnered with CallConnect, Lincolnshire County Council’s award-winning demand responsive bus service, to provide a fantastic offer of one pound each way fares when a valid same day rail ticket is produced.

From Monday April 11th, anyone connecting to and from the Poacher Line’s Lincolnshire stations will be able to make a CallConnect bus journey for the £1 fare, enabling many more people to access the railway.

Jo Andrews, community rail officer for the Poacher Line, said: “It has been wonderful to be able to design this initiative with CallConnect to offer an affordable option for getting to and from our stations. It will open up the railway to those who had previously thought they could not use it due to living in rural or isolated areas. With this amazing offer we hope to encourage people to return to our public transport network. The railway is a safe, sustainable and easy travel option, and with the price of fuel ever increasing and the climate crisis we are currently seeing, these initiatives are more important than ever.

“We are also hoping to encourage other transport operators and businesses to join in with the incentive to offer some great deals when people go greener by train. Please get in touch via our website if you would like to get involved. I would like to thank Community Rail Network for funding the idea, and CallConnect bus for recognising the value in the scheme.”

Bookings can be made from Monday April 4th via the booking office at 0345 234 3344 or online at Further details on the project, including terms and conditions, can be found on the Poacher Line website at