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Join our Tourism Network and promote greener trips on your community rail lines

The Community Rail Tourism Network brings together members that are interested in encouraging more people to take the train for greener, healthier journeys using community rail lines.

All members of Community Rail Network are welcome to join, whether you’re a community rail partnership, station volunteer group or community station.

The sessions, held online every three months, provide members with an opportunity to highlight their current projects, share best practice and learn from others, with a tourism and leisure focus. Additionally, the sessions offer a supportive space to seek advice and discuss challenges around promoting the railway in the current environment.

At the last Tourism Network meeting on Tuesday 9 April, attendees heard from Nicola Said, regional lead for the North West and Midlands at Visit England. Nicola spoke about developments being made on a national level to improve the way regional and local tourism organisations work with partners. The Local Visitor Economy Partnership (LVEP) programme is part of this work, and details were shared on how community rail partnerships and station groups can get involved and work together to encourage sustainable travel for leisure. Attendees also learnt more about how Gloucestershire CRP has worked with their LVEP, Cotswolds Plus, and the benefits this project brought to both organisations.

The next Tourism Network session will be held on Tuesday 18 June, 10-11:30am, and all Community Rail Network members are welcome to join. If you’d like to attend a future session or are interested in being a guest speaker at one of the sessions, please get in touch with Alice Mannion, Campaigns and leisure promotions coordinator, on