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Station display highlights Whitehaven’s tourism offer

A series of stunning photograph panels have been unveiled at Whitehaven Station as part of the ‘Whitehaven, there’s more than you think!’ project, funded by Community Rail Network and delivered by the Cumbrian Coast Line Community Rail Partnership (CRP).

The project aims to showcase the amazing array of attractions along the harbour front, hidden from the railway station, and to entice passengers, through the train windows, to visit and enjoy the wealth of gems that Whitehaven has to offer. Each individual panel has its own unique QR code signposting visitors to key websites where they can learn more.

The designs can be rotated to showcase heritage, cultural, festival and artisan experiences throughout the year, sowing the seed for people normally passing through on the train to be tempted to alight and get to know Whitehaven.

The Cumbrian Coast Line CRP has established a strong partnership with the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners on this project and will collaborate further to promote Whitehaven Harbour – a location that is fondly known as the ‘Jewel of the Town’ – as a focal point for several exciting projects over the coming months. 

Warren Birch, Community Rail Partnership Officer, said: It has been wonderful to work with local organisations to produce these eye-catching panels, building upon the excellent work Eric Barker has been doing with the Connecting Cumbria’s Hidden Coast project.

“The importance of supporting local businesses still recovering from the pandemic cannot be underestimated and the Community Rail Partnership hope these panels will appeal to the passenger’s curiosity, encouraging them to visit this unique town.

We would like to warmly thank the many individuals and organisations that have contributed and helped bring this project to life.”

John Baker, CEO of Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners, said: “Whitehaven is too often referred to as a ‘hidden’ jewel, and the reality is that it is a wonderful place with rich heritage, history, and incredibly passionate communities. Whitehaven deserves to be shouted about more, to attract more visitors and make its communities proud. What has been done with this Project is a significant step in doing just that, by unveiling to a passing audience what’s on offer here and just how special it is. I hope that it sets a high-quality example of what can be achieved in partnership to market and promote the town.”

Jane Murray, Northern Station Manager, said: “The new photo boards at Whitehaven Station are amazing and not only make a difference to the station but also to customers/tourists wishing to discover more about Whitehaven. These boards show what a beautiful place Whitehaven is and where you can go to see such amazing views and beautiful scenery.

“I hope that everyone that travels through Whitehaven Station enjoys seeing the displays and makes a visit the town to see what it has to offer!”

You can keep up to date with future news, projects, and events from Community Rail Cumbria via their website.