Town map installed at Handforth Station thanks to Crewe-Manchester CRP grant

A new town map has been installed at Handforth Station.

The new town map was originally designed in 2023 by a committee member of the Friends of Handforth Station, with enhancements from other volunteers and Handforth Town Councillors.

Two copies have already been installed by Handforth Town Council at two locations in the town with high footfall: the Paddock and Handforth Dean.

Grant funding from the Crewe-Manchester Community Rail Partnership (CRP) has been used to pay for two more copies of the map to be installed at the station.

Mike Bishop, president of the Friends of Handforth Station, said: “Friends of Handforth Station have been pleased by the effective collaboration with Handforth Town Council in designing and producing these maps.

“We are eagerly looking forward to the lift installation at the station, after which our map project can be completed by installing our two maps even more clearly visible at the station – either on the station concourse or platform level.”

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