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Transport Focus Covid-19 return to rail travel – latest research summary (21 June 2021)

Passenger transport watchdog, Transport Focus has continued surveying 2,000 people over the past year, to gauge attitudes on public transport use during the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest results are available here. We have been regularly summarising the figures for Community Rail News over the past year.

  • The proportion of those making journeys by public transport in the last seven days has increased. 19% have used public transport to make journeys, with 8% have used a train.
  • Of those who have made a journey (by any mode), 41% have made a journey to visit family or friends (up from 38% last week), and 37% have made a journey for leisure reasons such as eating out / visiting attractions (up from 33%).
  • Of those who made a journey by train 43% found it to be busier than they expected. Compared with last week these represent increases (of 3% among train users), although the proportion of those using a bus who say that it was less busy than they expected has increased too.
  • 63% of those who haven’t made a journey by train in the last seven days say that they would feel safe making a journey by this mode of transport (up from 59% last week).
  • 51% agree that they won’t use public transport unless social distancing is in place – a measure which has declined from 53% at the last wave and which has been slowly declining in agreement over the last month. 46% agree that as long as passengers are wearing face coverings, relaxing the social distancing makes sense to them.